TrackArt provides a broad range of risk management consulting services. In all endeavours, highly qualified consultants with extensive specialised experience built up over many years in diverse, yet arts-related, sectors are employed.

Due Diligence
  • Advising and sourcing of objects for purchase and investment;
  • Advising buyers/sellers on relevant anti-money laundering legislation to ensure compliance with financial regulations;
  • Help in securing independent scientific examination of objects for dating, authenticating and the prevention of fraud;
  • Insurance and probate valuations – containing images and detailed descriptions, using the internationally recognized standard ‘Object ID’™ as a base to work from. This is especially useful should an art of work become lost, stolen or damaged and subsequent insurance dealings;
  • Insurance advice – working with the best insurers in the market, to ensure the most suitable cover for the client’s particular collection.
Collection Acquisition & Disposal
Purchase, sale and/or disposal advice within the art market, private sales or through well-established relationships with museums and galleries (with transaction costs at auction often over 25% of the price of the artwork, TrackArt can help in reducing these additional costs).
Collection Care & Management
  • Pre-purchase and collection condition surveys;
  • Expert advice on the conservation of objects, with recommendations to appropriate conservators;
  • Management of the conservation process;
  • Collection condition surveys and the creation, implementation and on-going review of conservation programmes;
  • Long-term collection care and advice on monitoring storage and display standards;
  • Inventory creation, photography and valuation of objects for investment purposes (valuations are only carried out by recognized authorities who can provide qualified attributions).
Storage, Transportation & Shipping Advice
  • Sourcing long and short-term storage solutions in approved secure facilities sourced, providing environmental control for both large collections and precious individual items alike;
  • Arrangements made for the professional handling, packaging and shipping of objects;
  • Insurance cover arranged whilst in storage and/or in transit.
UK art market expertise
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