6th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Art Crime

6th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Art Crime, June 27-29, 2014, Amelia, Italy.

TrackArt will present a lecture on “Art Authentication Methods


2014 Course Faculty and Schedule

Course I – June 2-4 and June 9-11 “Art Policing, Protection and Investigation”
Richard Ellis, Detective and founder of Scotland Yard’s Art and Antiquities Squad (retired),
Art Management Group Director

Course II – June 4-6 and June 11-13 “The International Art Market and Associated Risk”
Dr. Tom Flynn, London Art Lecturer, Docent and Art Historian

Course III – June 16-20 “Breitwiesers, Medicis, Beltracchis, Gurlitts and Other Shady Artsy Characters: How to Analyze their Crimes Empirically”
Marc Balcells, Criminologist; Doctoral Fellow at The City University of New York – John Jay College; Criminal Defense Attorney

Course IV – June 23-27 “Art Forgers and Thieves”
Dr. Noah Charney, Founding Director of ARCA – Adjunct Professor of Art History, American University of Rome

Courses V – June 30-July 2 and July 7-July 9 “Art Crime in War”
Judge Arthur Tompkins, District Court Judge in New Zealand

Courses VI – July 2-4 and July 9-11 “Art and Heritage Law”
Dr. Duncan Chappell, Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney, Former Director of the Australian Institute of Criminology (1987-1994)

Courses VII – July 12 -16 “Risk Assessment and Museum Security”
Dick Drent, Corporate Security Manager, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Course VIII – July 23-25 “Insurance Claims and the Art Trade”
Dorit Straus, Vice President and Worldwide Specialty Fine Art Manager for Chubb & Son, a division of Federal Insurance Company (retired)

Course IX – July 28-30 and August 4-6 “Unravelling the Hidden Market of Illicit Antiquities: Lessons from Greece and Italy”
Dr. Christos Tsirogiannis, Forensic Archaeologist, Illicit antiquities researcher, University of Cambridge

Course X – July 30-August 1 and August 6-8 “Antiquities and Identity”
Dr. Valerie Higgins, Associate Professor and Chair of Archaeology and Classics at the American University of Rome