Asia Week Hong Kong 2015


Asia Week Hong Kong 2015 | Sponsored by Lyon & Turnbull & Freeman’s Asian Art Auctions

This year, Lyon & Turnbull will sponsor the opening ceremony Asia Week Hong Kong in partnership with our sister company Freeman’s of Philadelphia. Taking place on the evening of May 27th at the prestigious China Club, once the Bank of China Building in Central Hong Kong, the event will mark the beginning of a 16-day long celebration of Asian art, aptly situated in this famous port city and gateway to the Chinese art market.

Asian Week Hong Kong

“It is a real privilege to be part of such an important event in the Asian Art calendar. While other ‘Asia Weeks’ have a longer history, the audience for the Hong Kong event is truly unique due to its location, and so it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with local collectors in their districts. The pace at which this event is developing highlights continued strength in the Chinese market, and we notice particular interest amongst collectors for antiquities and auction news from the UK” – Lee Young, Head of the Asian Art Department